30/50 min. | indoor and outdoor | everyone | crea. 2015


After ninety years of  misfortune, disappointment and banana skins, an old clown comes back riding his wheel chair to take the law into his own hands.

It will be a wild-goose chase, with acrobat reindeers, shortsighted jugglers and assassin flies trying to stop him. If he will eventually succeed, it will be only thanks to the support of the public.


A circus show  in the pursuit of  lightness and fun.

A redeeming cabaret where the clown is finally going to be triumphant. 

cast Andrea Brunetto, Max Pederzoli

e Alessio Pollutri

look outwards Roberto Magro

costumes and scenography Loredana Averci

production Madame Rebiné & Co.

with the collaboration of Manicomics Teatro


Kitchen TeatroIndipendente, Mix'art Myrys